Reply To: Z Axis Plunging Too Deep (Solved, But I Have a Question)

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Dave Gun

I think the problem your describing is the load on the stepper motor is too much and causes the motor the skip steps. Steppers do not provide feedback to the controller, so if the controller tells the stepper to move 10 steps, and it only moves 5, the remaining commands are all off. In your case, if the stepper moved 10 steps down, only 5 steps up, then 10 steps down, etc,, it will make deeper and deeper cuts. It’s takes more force to accelerate a mass up, than it does to accelerate down, so it’s more likely to skip steps raising.

The problems that cause increased load can be friction in your Z axis, and or the stepper accelerates too fast. To solve this, you can increase the power on the stepper control as you did. The down side is your driver creates more heat so there is a limit before you need cooling. You can also look for something binding in your Z axis, like loosen the anti-backlash nut. The acceleration is set in the firmware and can be reduced if nothing else works.

Hope that helps,