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Yes, I finally got things sorted pretty much with getting the proper steps / mm adjusted for the number of micro steps. And I didn’t realize initially that it would take a LOT more steps to get Z to move the required distance, so when the movement rate was set high then Z became the limiting factor.

For one of the other responses I just had the Z motor mounted with the coupler pressed against the bearing in the Z motor mount. No rod, nuts or anything else.

I was changing the GRBL configuration settings using the $N commands.

I upgraded to GRBL 0,9 and it is MUCH better. Much smoother and I was able to bump the speeds up approaching numbers that others were discussing.

Reproducibility of positioning looks to be quite good.

I’ll still be interested to see how the Mega / RAMPs configuration compares, but certainly for right now it’s looking pretty good. I can get Homing working after a fashion since don’t have a real Z stop yet, but sometime I miss manually triggering the Z stop during the Homing cycle.

BTW, v0.9 swapped the spindle control and the Z stop pins. I took the easy way out and just moved my Z-stop cable to the (previous) spindle control pin on the CNC shield and that appears to be working fine.

I have my middle piece ready to install so probably tomorrow I’ll have that in place as well as the Z axis installed, then the fun will begin for sure.

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