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Franz Maier

Your G&C printer is a very nice design! I had acces to a ultimaker 2 extended to print my MPCNC parts. This is the only experience I have with 3D-Printers. I think you have a lot more so I hope you can give me some advise.

– Can you say something about the print quality and speed of your G&C compared to Ultimaler 2?
– What is the difference of your G&c compared to Vulcanus V1 ?
– Did you have a look at Vulcanus V2, Vulcanus Max V1.1 and Vulcanus Max 30/40 from aldricnegrier.

At the moment I am a little confused what would be the best choice to build ( G&C, V1, V2, Max V1.1, Max 30/40)