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This weekend I fixed the cable guides, connected the main 12V power supply, Mega 2560 and ramps 1.4 board in it’s casing, emergency stop button and the 0-100V power supply for the spindle.
Now just waiting for a Z stepper motor to arrive…….
When testing the electronics, I noticed a nasty smell and some smoke from the mega board.. It turned out to be a fried 5v voltage regulator :-(( “What did I do wrong?” sprung to mind, but I could’t find any problem. Probably just a faulty regulator, it did work fine before. Going to replace that regulator this evening with a 7805 that can handle a little more power.
I was still able to test the spindle and it runs very smoothly and silent, better than I expected! I inspected the spindle thouroughly after reading some of the 300w china spindle experiences, but it seems the 500w version is built a lot better than the 300W spindle. all metal parts, no openings where dirt can get in and decent bearings at least. fingers crossed…
I’ll share my experiences with this spindle in the months to come.

pics later!