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@geodave That would look great with acrylic sheet but sure would make it expensive. I wouldn’t mind it with just one acrylic panel wall and the remainder in panel board so I can keep an eye on things from a distance. Have you guys seen any table designs that include some type of easy leg height adjustment. I’ve read before that some folks are drilling holes in their table to allow longer legs that can go through the table and easily be adjusted but I’m wondering how rigid that would be? The conduit lengths on my legs is under 6 inches but I find that even at that length I can rock the frame fairly easily by hand. Sometimes I do laser engraving of vector art and see this resonation when the tool moves from a straight path to a diagonal. The etched line will have a sine wave pattern at the point of direction change that quickly returns to a straight path as the vibration in the frame stops. I’ve tried to change speed and acceleration settings to correct it but I think I’ll need to find a way to attach the legs to the table more securely. This issue doesn’t show up on router cuts or raster engraving with the laser, only on vector laser engraving, most likely because I have the laser and router both attached and neither are making contact with the work so maybe more inertia? Let me know if you have any suggestions.