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I’ve attached a picture a quick text test.

I’m still a bit confused. Maybe it’s something to do with bCNC and how I’ve got things set up.

When I do a $H home the gantry moves to what would be the upper right of the photo, but should be the lower left of the workspace. If I set WPos in bCNC to 0 for XY at that point then all movements within the workspace are negative, positive movements will take you off the reservation.

So for the text drawing test I moved the gantry to my X and Y negative limits (the upper right of the workspace, and set WPos in bCNC to 0 for XY. If I didn’t do that bCNC shows the text off the workspace and would try to move off the workspace and hit the physical limits.

Then I kicked off the test text draw and the text is not backwards but it is upside down from the “home” corner.
From the perspective of the new 0,0 WPos the text appears to be drawn properly but is upside down from the $H lower left corner from the home operation.

If I reverse the X and Y plugs so the motors move in the opposite direction that moves the $H home corner to what would be the bottom but the problem remains, if I set the WPos in bCNC to 0 XY then all movements into the workspace are negative.

I’ve added some annotation but it may not be totally clear.

I must be missing something simple, or not explaining what I’m seeing well enough.


PS I also added the results of drawing a 100mm circle inside of the 100mm square that I had previous drawn, that looks pretty good. This is with 8x micro stepping BTW.