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i’m impressed too, i should say. my first laser was 2W and it wasn’t so satisfying.
i was trying to build a setup i could use with more or less standart toolchain from 3dp – CAM, slicers – for vector engraving. My understanding of g-code – i definitely could be wrong – gives me an idea, that laser is kind of spindle tool, and usually when we operate the mill, tool is rotating constanly, and S values mostly define RPMs. G0 code is a just a move with no tool, G1 – is a move with tool applied. So, i’ve modified G0-G1 codes to accept S values also, along with M3 and M5 codes, for compatibility with pcb milling tools and Artcam i also use with my cnc mill. M codes throttle laser power nicely – when code says M03 S10, next G1 will fire with S10 derived from previous setting, if new not set.

I’ve just assembled this project to some level i could operate it without risking my sight, with enclosure and wiring (mostly) soldered and zip-tied, so my experience with laser is quite limited yet. I’m getting along with new abilities and collecting additional tools to make things i couldn’t think about earlier – like photo engraving, in particular.
I found some g-code generators, that i could modify – in PHP, for example, and i got some reasonable results from them – for example – https://www.instagram.com/p/BEj14e_jufx/?taken-by=keedley
This made with same laser and same 255-step PWM, so dynamic diapason is mostly ok, given my corrugated plywood pieces i use as canvas and poster-like art i consider worth engraving.
unfortunatelly, i could do little with .net software – but software is working nice with color source images, as far as i see. Actually, the php one is failing simillarly on grayscale sources, i think it’s grayscale image filtering routine returns funny results when all the channels have same values. I could easily be wrong, i’m just an amateur coder. Your software is one that could provide some g-code w/o heavy modifications, so thank you for your efforts.

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