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Well I think I was wrong about the 20mm, It would be less maybe 7, I think I got it in there as far as possible. This is leaving 3.5mm head clearance on those bolts, Just in case other people’s bolts are taller. I have a top mount printing now but still no elegant way to adjust the angle of the tool, I am okay with shimming the dewalt with tape if needed instead of making some giant mount to slightly tilt the tool when tape will work fine.
This mount should not have to be taken off the tool to mount and un-mount it. The top screws on the bottom part will need an awkward screw driver angle but really they come right out, so I am not going to sped any more time on it.

So it looks like it is about 1-2mm closer to the rails from the old one (slightly more rigid). I moved it up about 30mm, more rigidity. More Burly lower mount. All in all a decent improvement.

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