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I agree, the biggest variable will be the conduit that you get. The .08mm variation between sides shouldn’t cause any issues at all.
I printed the 25mm version. I can’t remember exactly what my calibration cubes were but they were very slightly undersized. In turn all my parts would have been slightly small but I still found the overall fit to be a little loose. I had to tension the bolts a bit to get a good fit. From what I’ve read, most people seem to find the 23.5mm to be a tighter fit though.
That may have been down to the conduit here (it seems to be very slightly oval, bringing down the effective diameter where the bearings grip), but I would try and get the calibration cube values a little lower if you can just to be safe. If it was me I would try and have that .08mm variation in the 24.96-25.04mm range.