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Yeah, the loss of workspace is probably the biggest issue with the design. It didn’t sound that bad to me on paper, but once I started building I realized quickly just how much you loose. I’m more than willing to live with it given all the other positives that outweigh that one major negative (the biggest positive being I actually have a working CNC machine on my dining room table!) but it is worth considering when building.

MY final plan is to build it 36″ x 48″ so I can cut sheets of 20″ x 30″ foamboard. But because of how big a 48″ square worktable is and how tight I am for space I decided to build it as a 24″ square machine first which gives me about a 13″ square workspace. You can see in the attached photo where I put a pen on my tool mount and traced out the limits of the work area (I actually did it twice due to some minor tweaks to the setup.)