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Nope, that should be the last part I need (US). I wouldn’t mind the old U shaped thing that goes on the extruder itself, just so I can print a spare. Just to be certain, the part above the extruder mount in the previous post is “Tool_Holder_13mm v2” that I found in your dropbox link?

Your documentation could use some work. I say this as somebody with absolutely no prior 3d/cnc experience. There are probably many things that you think is a gimme/extremely obvious (especially as the designer), but for somebody new it winds up being a few hours of research and a bit of assemble/disassemble/assemble. If you had a wiki or something similar I’d love to contribute as a way of giving back.

As an example, I printed the new tool holder and extruder mounts. The old extruder mount I sort of destroyed removing. I should have pre drilled it on installation, i as it was a little tight. The screw heads took it apart during assembly. I wound up using CA to put it back together, but it was really really floppy. Combined with me either losing/not ordering/you not including (not sure which actually happened) the tool mount that goes above it made for a wobbly extruder mount. But it was good enough to print the new stuff. I got a little happy and didn’t realize it wasn’t compatible till afterward, so I put one side of the tool holder on, zip tied the other side to the Z axis conduit, and sanded a pathway for the leadscrew. So now I’m trying to print the old stuff till I can print the new stuff.

A list of suggested spares would be great too – things that people commonly break. I’d love to print out a few spares before I break something and have no way to print spares.

But the support makes up for the documentation 😉