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Wow, PETG is really well priced over there, I couldn’t even get PLA that cheap over here. I’m reprinting mine at the moment in PETG, the brand is Prima. Cost around $35 per kg but as long as the machine is strong I’m happy.
I had the old corner parts and the old center parts in my machine before so at least I’m upgrading to the newer parts now.
I had one print fail earlier, the printer just locked up for some reason about a quarter of the way through the print so I used the failed part for strength testing. What was printed was about 5-6mm thick, I tried twisting and bending it as hard as I could and no way would it break or even crack. I’m quietly confident that the machine will be more than strong enough when printed with this.
I’m going to print some feet and clamp them onto a piece of conduit and leave it bake in the sun for a day to see if it cracks or deforms.