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I got tired of having my laptop on the floor or some make shift support, so I am adding this simple shelf bracket on the end that I can easily take off. I am using 1×2″ lumber with 2 – 1/4″x2″ bolts at the top End, 2 – 1/4″x3″ bolts at the top Leg & 2 – 1/4″x3.5″ bolts at the bottom leg. I added 2 washers on each bolt except for 3 washers at the bottom connection. 1/4″ locknuts are used for the top 2 connections & a 1/4″ wingnut at the bottom so I can remove it easily. I plan to use some scrap plywood just laid on the top of the 2 end brackets. Here are some photos of my progress. The board in the back of the 1st photo with the tape measure on it I used as a template to drill the holes at the correct spot in the legs. I used a drill press for all the holes except the ones in the legs to get a nice perpendicular hole. I will attach a PDF or jpg file of the drawing for this in the next message.