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What firmware are you using? Is it the on pre-loaded by vicious1?

If not, confirm your pins.h (pins_RAMPS14_EFB.h or w/e your using), make sure they are not on the same pin..

The alternative is that you may have a defective RAMPS/Arduino (or both), or theres a speck of solder/metal on one of them.

You could build a simple sketch to confirm:

#define Y_STEP_PIN         60
#define X_STEP_PIN         54

void setup() {
  pinMode(54, Y_STEP_PIN);
  pinMode(60, X_STEP_PIN);

void loop() {

remove the stepper drivers, and connect a LED from the STEP pin to ground; that sketch should alternate the LED between both pins, and both should not be on at the same time. If they are, you have a short.