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@leo69 First of all thanks for your answers about the optimized fonction, i’ll do some tries but i’m lookink for the best quality as possible so i think i’ll not use it.

I didn’t knew dxf2gcode, but when i load a “complexe” dxf -see attached- (generated with illustrator -which has also some bug sometimes with estlcam- or generated with rhino – no bug usually-, windows 10), it freezes but doesn’t return any error, just freezing (the dxf are allright because i can open them with other softs). No problem for simple shapes so i can try a little the software, i like isometric view to see depth, but it will be better if we can also see path width (nono i don’t want to add you some work eheh).

Also I tried to load your dxf2gcode-configuration.zip (with DXF2GCODE_Win32_2016-04-17_with_translations) but when i do this, i can’t open the software (error message), i need to modify config_version = 9.7 to config_version = 9.9 in config.cfg and config_version = 5 to config_version = 6 in postpro_config, i don’t know why but it works (note: the freeze still the same for complexe dxf).

So now, about Image2gcode it is better without option decimal (confusing), but when i generate the gcode with v1.1, it is the same for “move to top left corner” !! There is a comma and not a dot. Same for G92 command just after (and for the rest it is ok, i have dots as decimal separators).

I understand you have no time to add new features, i think Image2gcode works fine like that (I need to really validate with the laser), there is just this “little” bug for no US people, i have to lost 10 seconds to edit two commas in the gcode file, damn eheh 🙂

I hope those informations will help you and your software users with mpcnc.

Thanks again !!