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For some reason people seem to think that pla can’t handle being less than a foot away from the hotend. fwiw I’ve been using a blower fan since v1 with a pla duct that actually made contact with the hotend and aside from a tiny bit of warping where they touched it never caused an issue. your part looks great, but it still has the entire extruder dependent on 2 screws at the bottom holding it up. ive seen issues with second and third layers slightly warping and colliding causing vibration. I like your idea about using the fins to anchor your shroud to, I was using a shim plate before to attach my bed probe and found that the heat sink isn’t very “secure” when it comes to angular torque. see the fans mounting holes are 32mm on center and the nemas mounting holes are actually 31mm on center, which means that there is a lot of slip on that 2 1/2 Inch screw. i would have problems where my probe would be dead on for one print them drive into the bed on the next because the weight of the probe was being tossed around on fast moves. my part has solved all these issues and given me a good part that can be removed and replaced with ease, without worry that my probe will have to be recalibrated. And I don’t have to takeoff or lift up the fan to get at the mounting plate. plus I’ve gained about 10mm on my X axis and 6 or 7 on my Y