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Glass print bed problem seems to have been addressed, Added a LOT more PVA glue to the mix and find if it is spread around on the hot print bed quickly becomes tacky and print on it before it dries completely. Have brought some glue sticks for reserve in case as they seem to be an option, but have managed to get the first two rollers printed without them breaking off the bed or distorting this time.

In assembling the one pair of new rollers I think I have found the reason I was getting the slight deflection with the modified 25mm set. I seem to have a height difference between the X & Y, but for my life I cannot see exactly where it is coming from. It appears to be from the middle assembly as it gets worse or better depending on the position.

Would the mix of the old and new rollers and Middle Assembly make a height difference or have I assembled something wrong in the middle assembly?

Have got the third Roller assembly printing now.