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Morten Nielsen

I believe it’s simply down to the F525 pieces beeing too snug regarding the 8mm holes
I’m using the F525 so conduits are 25mm OD 🙂

Measurements and overextruding
I just measured holes in STL file and all ø8 holes are 8.0~8.2 which is the root cause really. They should have been 8.2~8.4.
Since they are meant to give room for adjustment they really should be even larger. At least the ones meant to give some adjustment.

My measurements are spot on as far as my Multimeter can measure +/- 0.01 .. hard to be exact though, as the tiniest pressure or wrong angle on my part is going to mess up the measurements.
Don’t think i’m overextruding.. not to any extent where it should matter in any case.

I’ve used PLA for the center assembly, but also used ABS for other pieces.. I have had to drill up ALL holes for ALL ø8 bolts. I have not had to drill up holes for m3 for motors and bolts to fasten top to lower roller.
Other than drilling the ø8 holes everything fits very nicely together.