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Might be the drilling, as I HAD to drill up the metric holes some…. Have you even tried these yourself?

All bearings touched all rails though and everything ran smoothly – after drilling.

I figure it might be due to layerheight of 0.26 and holes of 8.2~8.4… 8mm bolts just do not fit.

When I draw my own pieces 0.2 is snug and 8.4 is loose.

Anyway.. I’ll have to tinker, as we have reached a point where it’s just mud throwing which neither of us benefits from 🙂

You did not confirm my configuration… you used a different set of pieces and bolts…
It doesn’t matter when you test on other pieces.. problem with METRIC parts is how the holes are 8.0~8.2 and layerheigh is 0.26… It just doesn’t work

My problem propably is my printer is more accurate than most really (from experience)… when I print 0.2 my stuff is snug.. 0.4 it is loose… when I print 0.2 and wrong layerheight I can’t use it…