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The control board is a ramps 1.4 which came with the prusa, same mk8 extruder, the power supply that came eith the prusa ws 24v/5a so i upgraded to a 12v/30A. The filament is the same, the drivers were A4988 and i changed them to DRV8825 with the extruder’s driver having a Vref of 0.4v meaning 0.8A for the extruder motor, does it need more?. Now the filament roll im using is at its end and they get quite spirally at the end and hard to pull so i might try a new roll. Do you think i should up the extruder driver current snd to ehat current should i bring it. Thanks a lot. I might test the old A4988 and see if it makes a difference and perhaps check the current its outputing and apply it ot the DRV8825. What do you think?