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OK – under manual control everything goes just fine. In general the machine is able to move around on X and Y very well.

What I meant in my previous post is that, when the motors are energized, I can wiggle one entire X roller assembly by hand (several mm in either direction) but I’m not able to move the other one at all by hand. For further testing, I unplugged the X and Y plugs from the RAMPS board and swapped them, so my X rollers were plugged into the Y driver and vice versa. After that I energized the motors again and I was still able to wiggle the same one. I don’t actually know if this indicates a problem or not. I put everything back the way I started though.

To sum it up, I have two main problems right now. One is that one of my X rollers gets a little ahead of the other one, as you can see in my video.

The other is the Z motor grind/buzz thing, but I’m pretty confident that’s a problem with my gcode generation because when I read the gcode, most of the Z axis commands have F900 with them (which is my X/Y speed) instead of F180 like they should. A few do have F180, but I think it’s just the first one in each cut.