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Sticking with the x and y problem.

That does not make sense, manual control works fine? When do you get the wobbly axis then?

By you swapping the x and y at the board you have narrowed the problem down to either a bad stepper, wiring, belt, or hardware on the affected axis (basically you verified the arduino and drivers are good). Physically swap out the one affected stepper to find out if it is the stepper or the other issues. You could also take off the belts and check each stepper for motion/torque. Generally the stepper will either turn at full power (correct), make a bunch of noise (wires got swapped), or not move (no connection), or possibly one coil is disconnected and you are getting very little power.

A belt that is too tight will stall the stepper and it will lagg behind, bolts too tight will have too much drag and lagg behind, no power down the wires to that stepper will not energize the coils and it will just go along for the ride.