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Hi Jack,

A fellow Dutchmen here, I have got my parts printed, ready for assembly. Just have to hold off due to the tubing not being delivered yet 🙁
Ramps and Arduino is simple, They stack together.. And as far as the place for the resistor, it is a ‘normal’ ramps.. so if you search for ‘thermistor connect ramps’ you will probably get a few links with the correct instruction.. here is a pdf about ramps..Ramps guide.

For the rest the assembly looks pretty straight forward.. The belt is a single stretch from one end to the other looping over the stepper gear..
Not sure where you live, I am in Almere, but you are more then welcome as soon as I have mine finished.. But it looks harder then it is eventually 🙂

I think it is a well thought project and easy to build. Just the printing takes a really long time. So I hope you will enjoy this project because I believe is quite easy to build and I don’t have a huge garage with all tools available.. Just a drill, screwdriver and som other minor tools 🙂