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Sadly, I can’t stand in my shop watching a cnc job that takes 4 hours, so the webcam offers some amount of supervision and safety. I understand that it increases the potential problem space.

That said, replacing Raspbian and Repetier-Server with OtcoPi/OctoPrint seems to have resolved the issue. No more communication problems or random detours in the middle of prints. I went this direction after reading several threads on the Repetier-Server mailing lists where lots of people had similar issues for over a year and never got it resolved. Several people there mentioned switching to Octo resolving their problems, and it appears to have done so for me as well, at least so far.

Since the jobs do better now, I progressed to the point in the job where a tool switch was needed. The board seems to receive the M00 stop command and stops moving. I replace the tool, but after that I’m not sure what to do. There’s no resume button in Repetier-Server or OctoPrint to let it know I’m finished. The reprap page on g-code indicates that I should push the Reset button on the controller board when I’m done, but that seems to disconnect the cnc from Octo and abort the job, rather than resume it on the following instruction. I apologize if this is covered in the documentation or tutorials somewhere, I do not see it. Any ideas for this issue?

I am very pleased to be making progress, and my mind is full of awesome ideas to try 🙂