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Yes Vicious, it is stainless… looks real nice and runs smooth!

For the drones we always tend to order parts at banggood or surveilzone.com, I know that delivery takes more time but the prices are better and shippingcosts are low.
The only problem is that you need to plan ahead and order some spares 🙂

Keep me posted on the bits! I haven’t ordered anything in that direction as I need to test the MPCNC first before I start cutting up the expensive carbon. I want to make sure all is straight and working as I want. Also I have experience in 3D printing but none in CNC machines.. So I have a bit of a learning curve. Therefor I will start of with some drawings and wood milling before I am confident enough. But even then I will do test runs with G10 material and test the design in a real build and flight.. If that all works out only then I would cut it from the full carbon sheet. And yep it is really expensive.. I would like to test the durability of G10 too. as it looks it can take a beating too!