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Well, I disconnected the good X stepper and found the bad one didn’t move at all. I pulled the wires out again and disconnected/reconnected them again, and it started working. I did that once before, but apparently the connection came loose right away inside the conduit. I’ll definitely wrap that connection securely with tape now, and maybe do that loop trick with it too to make it more self-disconnection-resistant.

I’m so sorry, guys, I feel dumb for not figuring that out sooner. I guess I underestimated the extent to which just one working stepper can move the entire assembly. I wish they included LEDs or something to make them more idiot-proof for idiots like me. 🙂

I did notice that once I reconnected the good X stepper, it didn’t work at all until I fully unplugged the RAMPS board then plugged it back in. Maybe that was part of my problem all along too.

In any case, it moves very solidly now, and I’m pretty sure the Z problem was because of F900 being generated by Estlcam. Hopefully I’ll have some nice things to show off in the “build” forum soon.