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Sigh. X/Y movements work great now that all motors are actually running. But I still have a Z problem, it turns out. I edited my gcode so that the Z movements are always at speed 180 (3 mm/s), so everything was nice and slow. It worked well at first, but eventually it wasn’t able to move up from the piece to the clearance plane, so it was moving around very close to the piece, then it missed another upward motion, and started going deeper into the piece as a result. I stopped it and tried to use manual control to bring it up, and it wouldn’t move – it just did more of the buzzing. I took a video of trying it a few times:

Toward the end of the video I move it downward a small amount, then try to move it up again. It goes back to the stuck position and resumes the buzzing.

After I stopped taking video, I lifted the spindle manually while I did the Z-up command in RepetierHost. Finally it did move, and then was able to move up and down freely.

Has anyone seen this? Anything I’m missing that would cause it?