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So i decided to give it a try cause Repetier and Marlin does not work as i wanted to, so i choose to hook the steppers in series, so no need for 5 drivers, and as i do not want do do 3d printing or laser CNC-Shield 3.00 on Uno is all i need for now on my MPCNC. And i love the integrated controller software of estlcam, and the hazzlefree integrated update of the firmware. Maybe i will try native GRBL on my UNO and see if there are any difference. Don’t know how estcam communicates (Baudrate, Commands..) i do not know if any 3rd party g-code-sender is able to cummunicate with the software on the Uno (Christian -> is it possible to use the Estlcam Firmware with other GCode-Senders?), but it works. Already made my first move with Estlcam and Uno. Love it. Only thing is the mm per round on my 16teeth GT2 which i am not aware… should be 1mm with 200 steps per mm, right? Maybe Christian could clarify. And one more thing i am not aware, since it allows touchplate calibration, which pin on the CNC-Shield could be used for the probe?