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im working on how i need to direct the wires up the side, so i havent gotten that clip designed yet, although i dont think itll be neceessary since the motor wires dont really have that far to go before they hit the top of the mount. On your list of things there are some things to note. it could be a difference in throat height from different distributors, i too had my throat as high as possible to alleviate filament grinding, and have since added some filament guides to the extruder for that and that has pushed my nozzle down, but the pictures are of the extruder with the troat as high as i could get it. if you use a reverse filament lever then the hotend will not line up with the air duct. I personally dont use the lever unless im forced to manually drag the filament out of the extruder, instead i just have the extruder do the feeding itself. i did make the mount holes slightly too perfect in size and some of my screw heads try to bind up there, but its really not a huge issue, I am going to add another .1 to the hole size there. I have also made the extruder motor mount wall slightly thinner, because i had to get longer screws to hook up my extruder fan and heatsink reliably, and then i had to cut the screws down because the next size up is too long, which ultimately led to me striping out one of the steppers threads ;( I may even produce a few other versions with inductive probe mounts and even one with no probe, but I am still learning onshape and i find that once something looks nice and works its hard to convince myself to make any changes to it. i was thinking of getting an e3d hotend and i may also make a version to accomodate that.

I have had great success with the original design, and as ive said before, one should always start with low fan speeds, because for some reason this thing works incredibly well at pumping out cold air, i cant even get over 50% speed out of the fans im using without it actually peeling layers off. So i have been toying with the notion of adding some circular geometry to the duct out nozzle to spread the air out more evenly. but that may take a few more onshape classes.