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Hm, grate work, but now I’m a little bit confused… I have finished the mechanics of my MPCNC and going to wire the steppers and end switches… I’ve had a look at the combination Marlin/Repetier-Host and I think, without having some additional plugins for CNC, like Z-probing, the capability of using a touch plate and zeroing of the axis, etc., this combination seem to be not the best solution. So I had a look on Estlcam, which looks much better for CNC control.
Now I’m struggling, because I think using a Mega2560 with Ramps 1.4 will be a little bit of overkill compared to the Arduino Uno, if you don’t use the graphical interface and advanced features of the Ramps 1.4… So I take a look on the CNC shield, I have in my lab, but I guess Estlcam is not compatible to use the CNC shield, which is GRBL compatible, without rewiring…

Anyway, I think I’ll go further with Estlcam, but I’m confused now… Shall I wait, until the Mega2560/Ramps 1.4 implementation gets stable and have at least all of the functions, the Uno provides or shall I take the lemon and use the Uno with an rewired CNC shield first and move on to the Ramps solution later on?
@Christian: do you have a time frame, when you think, this Ramps solution will provide the same functionality compared to the Uno version?
The other thing, I’m a software engineer and living here in Germany near by Stuttgart… I’m familiar with Arduino programming and a little bit with C# and .NET as well, Is there anything I can help with?