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I’m doing 30mm/s now, was thinking of either going to 24V or going with a NEMA23 for the Z with the goal of 60mm/s hopefully. I have a lead screw (with antibacklash splitnut) so that’s why I’m able to do 30mm/s now.

Or who knows – I bought an Arduino Due for $13 along with 30lbs of 4043D plastic (Ahh, Filastruder – nothing like $2 a lb plastic to print with) the other day during one of Ebay’s ‘spend $50 get $10 off’ so I’m going to be trying out TinyG G2Core’s firmware which supposedly can do some amazing things with acceleration because it bases everything on constant jerk instead of constant acceleration. Maybe that better acceleration management alone can get me up to at least 40mm/s if I do 30mm/s already without problems.