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I spent yet more time on this last night and have finally got it resolved. After more tightening, rocking, loosening, repeat but add in lots of swearing, I started looking at if a shim of some sort would help.

I ended up putting a washer on the 5″ long Tension bolt B, between the 2 XY parts. With this in place I found I could then get even rail tension by adjusting both TBA’s, without causing the rail rock. This also kept the Z rails straighter and in line with the Z lead screw (previously I could feel tension on the Z lead screw which I knew wasn’t right).

The above is what worked for me, it may not be right, but it is working at the moment to resolve the issue I had. Time will tell if it is correct. Hopefully this weekend I will get all my motors wired up to my controller, frame screwed down squarely to my table, belts on and then some test drawings done. That would be awesome because I am itching to get this going and use it in anger!