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I’m having some similar Z problems and I’m trying to follow your suggestions:

“You can flash my new firmware it has a slower z acceleration (same max speed for now)”

I’ve flashed my firmware to drop the Z acceleration value from 55 to 35. I have also reduced the Z speed for the tools in Estlcam to 1mm/s. There are a few places in Estlcam’s generated g-code that ignore this value, so I’ve manually edited the g-code to reduce F values even further where necessary to not exceed 1mm/s Z axis travel. Given the max value you suggest at 6.7mm/s I am assuming this is slow enough. These have improved my results, but not eliminated the issue.

“double check the rod, maybe clean and re lube it.”

I have completed this step. As far as I can tell the rod is straight, the coupling appears to be fine, and without power to the motor it turns very freely. I’ve had to leave the nut assembly fairly loose which I’m hoping won’t cause its own issues. I have not tested this to see if it resolves the issue because I would like to also attempt the third suggestion:

“You can also turn up the z driver to .7V.”

Here I have run into problems. Following the Pololu video linked in the RAMPS instruction page I have attempted to determine the currently selected voltage. However, my multimeter is reading 4.3v between the pot and the vref pin, which is very far away from 0.7v. Advice on this point would be much appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

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