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First off let me say estlcam is the BEST software. if you are at all just a router like me then buy it, you will be a very happy person. I bought it now since last update “great stuff btw” Repetier-Host for router was very clunky to me.
I bought this controller just for this update…. ebay uno + ramps I did upgrade to this driverbetter driver work great end stops everything works. OK but I do have a few questions. there is not allot of set up info in estls web site.. with that said, how do I go about setting up touch off plate? right now I have it set as a z stop is that the right way or is there a pinout that we use just for that? also how do I make it zero the z in the negative rather then up in the positive I have tried reversing the axes worked great for touch off but when cutting the z of course cut starting at bottom and work its way up :P.

also the travel on all axes is messed up anyone ever set one up using my setup? I mean my cnc is built by the book mpcnc.. but uno and ramps is different then they on they use.