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Hi Christian,

thanks for the grate work… I’ve falsely made a 4 hour milling job and did a try run with a prior Z-zeroing with a touch plate and it works grate… I think I’ll continue with the Mega2560/Ramps 1.4 combination, because I’ll be able to switch to Marlin back again and it seems to run better than the Arduino+CNC shield combination I tried before…

One question regarding the auxiliary outputs 1 and 2: can you please add them as well to the ramps control board? Is it possible to have bigger buttons for control of this outputs, which can have an self defined text? Can the both outputs wired on the high power driver for either the extruder’s or the heated bed?

The reason why I’m asking, I like to have a vacuum table, which will be connected to a pneumatic vacuum generator, which can be controlled by a magnetic valve to held the work piece in place… So it might being a god thing, having a button which says ‘vacuum on/off’… By the way… Can those outputs be controlled by G-Code as well?

Thanks in advance,