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I just loaded 9.017 onto my RAMPS 1.4 to replace Repetier. Older Acer small laptop with Win7 32bit Celeron.
First problem is ESTLCAM won’t quite fit on the 600×1024 display. Help screens and buttons are off the edges.
No problem with WIN10 and 800×1280 on a different 64bit touchscreen laptop.

Main problem was trying to change stepper microsteps. It turned out the RAMPS 1.4 board had all the jumper pins shorted by traces on the board! The traces are visible with the header removed. A real pain to try to cut the jumper. Connected a 12V SLA battery across the pins and blew the jumper away completely, no residual resistance. Since I had to do them all, I made a two pin connector with a foot of #22 cable. Plugged it in and then connected to the battery.

Found this problem documented: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?219,507642,713538#msg-713538

So far, I like ESTLCAM a lot!