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You are right.

39 measures around 39.3mm and 75 measures around 75.3mm.

I have tried different things, and it seems that there is some play between the 8mm screw and the bearing (Bearing inner diameter 8mm, screew 7.75-7.8mm) which is the cause. If I push the bearings towards the center of the tube when tightening the screw. Then the roller fits much better, could be a little tighter, but that can be caused by the .3mm oversize of the 3D print.

Again I must say that your design is very good! If every thing runs with so small tollerances it will result in a great CNC.

I will try to find some other 8mm screws that are closer to 8mm as the one I got.

Thank you very much for your help and great work.