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Below is a cut and paste of my comment from June in Vicious1″s Marlin tutorial page. The space for displaying the characters may depend on which LCD you are using. I was getting a compile error and this was a simple work around.
In compiling with Arduino 1.6.4 and the Reprap Discount Full Graphic LCD controller I got an error:
“initializer-string for array of chars is too long [-fpermissive]”

You can fix it by shortening the machine name in configuration.h to 16 characters here:

#define CUSTOM_MENDEL_NAME “Mostly Printed CNC”

… or by shortening the “ready.” to “OK” in language_en.h :
#define WELCOME_MSG MACHINE_NAME ” ready.”

Works great with the change and I got to keep the entire name. This error shouldn’t show up if you do not use an LCD controller.