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What software tools are you using? I’ve been using Estlcam and Repetier Host as you mentioned for a month or 2 now and I love it, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to carve a shape the way you have with the doughnut. I’ve been taking designs in Adobe Illustrator, converting to paths, exporting to dxf files, importing those into Estlcam, picking the appropriate tool for the path, and finally exporting the project as a .nc file into RH. That works fine for me.

But for a 3d (or 2.5D) design I usually use 123Design, but I haven’t had any luck figuring out a format to get into Estlcam. Or if I did, I couldn’t ever figure out a way to get it out to a .nc file. Can you please describe the process you used for the doughnut?

And I’ll try again now and see what issues I run into in case I just was missing something really basic.