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Yes it milled it’s own insert holes. It was so much more fun than drilling them by hand. I had to reposition the spoil board about three times to get at the edges out of range. It was not too bad. I got the threaded inserts from Amazon Prime for $7/100. They are EZ-LOK 801420-13 1/4-20 length 13mm http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002KSZ13G/ref=biss_dp_t_asn.
I cut off the elbow of a 3/13 hex wrench so that I could use my drill to drive in all the inserts. I used wing nuts and washers with printed hold downs instead of printed knobs and nuts. I also found that I can use short bolts and washers to hold down one side of skinny/flat stock to give more clearance for my crude vacuum attachment.

I only milled though the edge of one of the yellow printed hold downs once 🙂 before modifying my Fusion 360 postprocessor file to raise up enough to clear them at the start.