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First off, I wasn’t sure if we were putting everything laser-related in this thread or if I should start a new one for my question. If so, I apologize.

I got the laser and driver wired up, but I cannot get it to beam anything. Here’s the steps I’ve taken:

1. Wired H2 (+/-) to D9 (+/-) on the RAMPS board
2. Checked to make sure that H1 amperage is set at 1.00 A
3. Plug in laser to H3
4. Set switch to “CW”
5. Turned key on and flipped the switch.

I get the “Enable” and “ON” lights to light up, and I know that the driver is supplying 1A, so I doubt that the driver is at fault here.

Is there anything obvious that I am missing, or could the diode possibly be defective?