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Looking good mate ?

How do you find the alternative designed corner blocks? Did you try the original ones first? I ask because I’m currently printing another batch of parts for a second smaller machine especially for alloy. It was either my prints or a bad quality reel of filament but my corner blocks and feet all cracked at the bolt holes before they got tight enough to clamp properly.

I had issues getting my head around estlcam too at first. But once you “get it” it will be smooth sailing. Remember to check units of measurement match the drawing when importing, and the right firmware settings are used in the setup screen. The guy who wrote estlcam was nice enough to create a setup specifically for the MPCNC.

Driver voltage will not affect how far the machine moves (# of steps) just the maximum stall torque of the motors. I found 0.8v to be the.sweet spot for my machine. Not too much heat generated by the drivers and no missed steps.

Good luck with completing the build. Keep us updated.