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I like the Jtech gear and their website but I think it’s worth mentioning that there are much cheaper solutions available for laser add-ons. In the true “Most bang for least buck” spirit of the MPCNC you should consider building a laser add-on yourself. The Jtech laser is $350 and is a kit with 2.8w laser and the driver. After that you need the $20 fan upgrade and the $40 software package so it’s a $400 project which rivals the cost of the entire MPCNC build. Take a look at DTR laser shop and you’ll find the same 2.8w 9mm 445nm diodes mounted in a module with a 3-element lens for $70. Add another $20 for a heatsink and driver board and you’re in business. Free software options exist as well so you can do the whole thing for about $100.