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FredAlded thank you,
1 / On paris there is a very good musician who uses my instrument, it is called Nicolas Leroy. And the united states there Glen Velez (which took 3 gramy awards for musical projects, but not with my instrument)

2 / for the heating bed I found it:
with that :
I have the appaler to find out. The bed will be completely autonomous.
3 / Awesome !!! sensorless it works very well. Nevertheless I have PROBLEMS for first impressions. I print the limit sensor supports (if any). After 10min the X axis shifts. There is a small “blang”. The media is printed at an angle. Look at the attached pictures. The belts are taut. The pulleys are secure. It seems that every printing the timing delay is increasingly important. What can I do???? Manifestemant this is not a mechanical problem. The corrupt STL? I’ll try with another room.

The potential of this machine seems very boring.

Thank you again and again …