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Yeah, the Folgertech seems like a solid printer. I don’t personally own one, but I have a few friends that do. I’m running one right now. Seems pretty good for the price and assembly doesn’t seem that bad other than having to get stuff lined up/square. Dealing with some noise issues on one right now, but I think he has the belts too tight. Looking at it they could have made it smaller and kept the build volume the same. I’m guessing that they can order the 2020 extrusion and other stuff in the size they are using without adding costs to cutting it to length. Really just the bed would need to be made bigger to take advantage of the extra space, but I think the bed is some cheap standard thing.

A mostly printed 3d printer brother for the MPCNC would be cool. I think there are already some mostly printed 3d printer designs out there though.