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* Calibration extruder : obviously this is much better …
* Tests of the second ramps = exactly the same thing . After stop printing, the printer goes crazy if I print again. You must unplug and connect to print a new object (in adjustment phase is very annoying ) .
* Print a cube (40mmx40mm). See the attached photo . I noted the dimensions and axes.
* Nozzle touches the object during printing. Should we set the step / mm too? Or it means that there is movement in my assembly ? (at the same time I am writing this email I printed an STL . It was very ugly. I increased the nozzle temperature to 215 ° and the result is much better. The nozzle does not touch more. Maybe the temperature was not sufficient) .
* There is an association ” Techlab ” near me . I am a subscriber . The guys know how to use the Arduino software and configure Marlin . Which version of Marlin is installed in the ramps ? I hope they will have a little time for me.
What are the Marlin changes on models sold ? What is special for calibrations ?

Thank you