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Dave Gun

My Corner Blocks and Roller Fs are finished. They all came out good. I have test fitted the corner blocks on the conduit and they fit. It’s a tight fit. The EMT is lightly sanded and I used steel wool to smooth the surface of the EMT

I have been keeping my printer running, and I rarely do print times this long. After the first print of the Corner Blocks, I noticed the extruder stepper was getting very hot. My extruder/hot end is attached directly to the stepper on my printer and it the extruder has no cooling. I hung a small 40mm fan on the motor and this keeps it nice an cool. It also helps keep the filament cool as it runs through the extruder. Last night after running back to back prints, my other steppers were getting hot, I found another 12V fan and attached it to a battery pack. I put this in the back of the printer and this seems to help.

Today I printed the first Middle Z. I had to cut the part so it fits on my printer. After it was cut, I could fit both parts in the print space and do a complete Middle Z in one print. The attached picture shows the cut with the two pins inserted into one side. I also included close ups of it assembled. I will wait to glue them when I get the second one done.