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Hey, both of you , thanks for the quick response.
Yeah, i searched it more after i posted, i tried to delete post, but, see it stayed up. I saw the links about removing the Diode, etc. But, I decided i will just go with 12v instead. I’m going to use a PC powerSupply that has 12v 30a on a single rail, and if i need them, it has 5v supply also. (-12 and -5) Has plug in ac power cable, has power switch, cost less, and has 2 yr warranty. Hopefully it will work.
And, yes, a laser head looks interesting…

Now i have another problm went to use my other Mega2560 and can’t upload programs to it, timeout – looked that up and looks like the bootloader needs to be (re)installed on the mega board another headache to figure out I am making this build large, 3×4 feet have to take some pix when i can…