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@Curt I generally use inkscape and estlcam for cutting. You can open .dxf files directly in estlcam. Set up a tool for your laser if you haven’t already. Don’t forget there is a laser tab in the setup menu for specifying the laser on and off commands. If you want to check the size of the parts before hand, you can open them in inkscape. I’m sure there are lots of other tools, but those are the ones I’m familiar with.

All that said, I’ve only done a few cutting jobs with the laser so far. Felt was super easy (duh!). Acrylic cut very nicely, but when I tried plywood, it came out a charred, smoking mess. It did cut, but the edges were like charcoal. Granted, I was trying to cut 5.2mm ply, and I think 3mm is the recommended max. Maybe if I upped the speed and made more passes it would char less.

In any case, I recommend that you make more passes than you think you’ll need. It’s frustrating to have it burned almost but not quite all the way.