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Awesome guys, thank you so much. My brain is truly fried from all the stuff I have been doing since before christmas lol. I purchased the laser thinking I could handle it and I did for the most part. The build was challenging, but not impossible. My background in RC hobbies greatly helped in the electronics modification. I did not however factor in the image or graphic design element. Which is what makes all this possible, not being able to generate images into code that can be read or recognized by laser controller has been a complete nightmare. On the plus side, I have learned several new skills lol.

That all said, I am hopeful this will work for my setup. I am using a cheap and cheerful k40 40watt laser which I modified with ramps 1.4 + Arduino Uno + LCD + SD card reader on board. Ive also added air assist and lighting. I have burnt several test pieces of MDF 1/4 inch with various shapes, images, text, and graphics, none of which came out exactly as I planned lol. I have been stuck at this point trying my best to learn graphic design, vector graphics, image coding, as well as learning all these different plugins in a program(inkscape) That sometimes works and sometimes doesnt, while other times locking up my systems all together. I work now on win8 and win7, win 7 is directly connected to laser to run a program like laserweb, pronterface, repteir, pic sender, or whatever is to work best. I currently have laserweb up and running if this is the best way, but for now I use only the SD card to print from.

If nothing else works for me then I may just rewire my laser following jtech design, where fan control is modified for laser. I am certain that whatever I do will someway involve revisiting and modifying my marlin config.h file to enable my controller to understand the code generated for each individual print job(graphic/image). Ok, I feel a bit better and I am done with my rant lol. Please feel free to offer any insight, direction, or criticism, I very humbly accept all lol.